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Exoplanets and Origins of Planetary Systems - Oral presentations

EPSC2020-32 | Oral presentations and abstracts | EXO4

Atmospheric Escape Processes and Planetary Atmospheric Evolution: from misconceptions to challenges

Guillaume Gronoff, Phil Arras, Suleiman Baraka, Jared M Bell, Gael Cessateur, Ofer Cohen, Shannon M Curry, Jeremy J Drake, Meredith Elrod, Justin Erwin, Katherine Garcia-Sage, Cecilia Garraffo, Nicholas G Heavens, Kylie Lovato, Romain Maggiolo, Chris D Parkinson, Cyril Simon Wedlund, Dan R Weimer, and William B Moore
Tue, 29 Sep, 10:40–11:00

EPSC2020-337 | Oral presentations and abstracts | EXO4

The SPECULOOS Project: New targets to hunt planets of Ultra-cool dwarfs.

Daniel Sebastian, Michael Gillon, Elsa Ducrot, Francisco J. Pozuelos, and Lionel J. Garcia and the SPECULOOS science team
Tue, 29 Sep, 10:40–11:00

EPSC2020-824 | Oral presentations and abstracts | TP3/EXO2

Equilibration time of Fe & Zn concentrations and isotopes in metal-silicate partitioning experiments

Alix Seegers, Kirsten van Zuilen, Riemer Stelwagen, Wim van Westrenen, and Pieter Vroon
Mon, 28 Sep, 17:00–17:20

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