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EMITS News -Mars Sample Return - Earth Return Orbiter (ERO) Implementation Phase -

Notice to Potential Suppliers -EMITS

ESA is providing below a web link to the latest announcement published by ERO prime contractor, Airbus Defence and Space SAS, for ERO potential suppliers:

For further information, the announcement is providing a contact email address.

Airbus - Mars Sample Return – Sample Fetch Rover (SFR)
Notice to all potential subcontractors for Expressions of Interest

(Issue 02)

Landing in 2028, the rover will then travel an average of 200 metres a day, over a period of six months to find and pick up the samples. It will collect  up to 36 tubes, carry them back to the lander and place them in a Mars Ascent Vehicle which will launch them into orbit around Mars.


Further information concerning the Mars Sample Return campaign and the Sample Fetch

Rover mission can be found on the Agency’s website here:

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